My ship Catalogue

Classic Ship models by Michael


This catalogue depicts the models of mainly 18th and 19th century sailing vessels made since my retirement from corporate life in 1992.  The models mostly are constructed from a variety of plans and kits produced by kit makers from Spain and Italy.

Many of the models are still on display in our residence where the available space is competed for with my wife and her porcelain dolls and half dolls.  Others have been given to either friends or grandchildren and two have been to donated to a noble charity for auction, where they raised notable sums.

The ships I chose to make consist of a number of well known clipper ships, some famous "men-of-war" and others because I admired their lines and character.  None of them have been sold for personal profit, as the cost of making them far exceeds what the market would bear. 

A few of the vessels still in our house have been successfully exhibited at the Sydney Model Shipbuilders Club (SMSC) in 2016, 2017 and 2019 and featured in the Club's excellent newsletter "Chatterbox".

The historical details of each one of the vessels in the catalogue are described as best as possible, following a limited amount of research.  For the interest of other ship modellers, particularly those just starting, a description of the model itself and some of the features of it's construction, are also included.

The models are listed in alphabetical order rather than in the order in which they were constructed. Finally, it should be noted that the models are encased under a perspex cover, after completion, to avoid dust and eventual deterioration.

Updated 5.3.2020

Disclaimer:   "The comments,ideas,observations and suggestions made in the descriptions of the model making are purely my views alone and may not be shared by others.  They are, however, made in good faith and hopefully beneficial to the beginners."

I hope you enjoy the hobby as much as I do - it is a very positive way to spend a few hours here and there, without any pressure, but resulting in a great deal of satisfaction when complete.

8th November 2013

Michael J Butcher (Master Mariner Rtd)


Receiving a silver medal from Leon Griffiths -a Master Model Shipbuilder - for my display of "Mercator", "Thermopylae" and the "Bomb Ketch" at the Sydney Model Shipbuilders Club Expo August 2016.