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A Billings Boats Photograph of Regina


Danish Yagt "Regina"

"Regina" is a vessel representative of the most common Danish sailing vessels in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Known as the Danish Yagt, these fine little ships sailed with cargo and passengers between the Danish islands. With superb sailing characteristics, they proved ideal for navigating in the difficult waters of that area and thus became the format for the designs of subsequent vessels.

Nothing of note is written regarding details of this particular vessel but apparently she foundered off Morup in the Kattegat when carrying a cago of peas from Malmo to Gothenburg. She was in collision with a Danish brig, the "Creol", on November 21st 1856. The name of Regina, however, has lived on amongst Danish yachtsmen and in other branches of Danish maritime history.


The Model

 Danish Yagt "Regina" 19th Century

Billings Boats of Denmark have a fine reputation amongst model makers and they cover a wide range of vessel types from historical galleons to modern naval and merchant vessels.  Their kits contain quality material and their instructions are clear and precise. This particular model is described as being one for the experienced but, as it was only the third model I tackled, I found it challenging but not complicated. One of the number of challenges they pinpointed was the hanging of the lifeboat on davits over the stern but, with patience, it can readily be accomplished!

The model, which I haven't seen in any of the hobby shops for a number of years but may be available on-line, is 800 mms overall and 650 mms from keel to truck. It is of plank on frame construction which, when made of the quality timbers provided, posed no problems, gave a fine hull shape and pleasant lines.  The ornate gilding on the stern adds interest to the finish and the extensive space on deck leaves plenty of room for coiled ropes etc. One of my more favourite vesels amongst the earlier models.

Latest news:  Our granddaughter Cassandra loved the ornate gilding of this ship and, after her marriage last year, took delivery of it to grace her residence.  We are so pleased our family members are appreciating the results of our hobbies.  12.2.2017

Regina's interesting stern features with lifeboat on stern davits and steering by tiller showing compass forrard of sliding hatch.