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HMS Victory 1:150 scale model

As mentioned in the text of the earlier description of the "Victory" which was auctioned for charity, I had the desire to reproduce the model in a smaller size. The one I selected as being the most suitable for my needs is made by Mamoli of Italy.

Construction commenced on the 1st of May 2013 and the hull work was completed, as shown in the photograph, by the end of September.  Since then the time devoted to the model has been spasmodic with many family commitments, Christmas festivities and New Year celebrations limiting the amount of spare time available.  However, as of now (2.2.2014) the masts and bowsprit are all made and set, the standing rigging is complete, the shrouds are finished and the ratlines are work in progress. 

Summary of the model's construction

Yesterday, March 30th 2014, marked the completion of construction of the second version I have made of HMS "Victory" but this time in a much smaller scale but equally as complex.  In fact the rigging took a great deal longer than the original model due to the extreme minuteness of the blocks and cottons which, in advancing years, become hard to reeve - least of all finding the holes which are hardly visible and regularly have to be pierced with a needle and the cottons firmed up with a touch of aquadhere on the ends.

A number of variations in the rigging were made particularly in the points where they were made fast. Due to the minute size of the belaying pins and their close placement to the bulwarks, it was impossible to secure the ends of the yard braces and stays to them.  Hence they had to be secured to the base of the adjacent shrouds. 

As was the case with the larger model, this one also has over 2,000 knots in the ratlines alone and, taking into account all the other knots tied in the process, there would be well over 3,000 knots in all.

The model was double planked with the second planking below the waterline being made of a multitude of small 10-20 mms long and 4 mms wide timbers green in colour to represent copper sheathing as per the actual vessel. Thes were actually painted copper colour instead of the verdigris effect suggested.  The colour scheme overall reflects the authentic look as chosen by Nelson with black and ochre stripes on the hull with matching yards and masts.  

The kit designer also opted to reduce the number of cannons visible to 22 on the upper and main decks with the remaining gun port doors closed. This can be seen by comparing the Corel Model above with this model.

My next challenge is of a similar sized model in that I have ventured into purchasing a 1:64 model of the "Bounty" from the English manufacturer, Caldercraft of Droitwich, Worcestershire.  Watch this site for further information. The frames are not lazer cut and initial glances at the kit forecast more work for many months to come!

 Updated 31.3.2014

Victory showing completed hull, deck planking and hatch beams positioned and 4 access ladders in place (hardly visible underdeck).

Stern view showing intricate paint job which needs a little more tidying up work - however they are very fine lines which require a steadier hand than I now possess!- but I'll be trying!

Update from 4th February -This and the following pictures show the Victory in her current state whereby the masts are all fitted, the shrouds, stays and bowsprit all in place and the work in progress knotting the ratlines.  It can be seen the mizzen mast is complete only.

This shows the view from forrard with the rigging around the foremast and bowsprit, the anchors, figurehead etc in place.

We mentioned the open hatch earlier in the above text and this photo provides a more clear view of the access ladders in the hatch itself plus more detail of the deck fittings etc. This also shows the cannons visible on the weather deck just forward of the raised poop deck (3 on each side) with the others, 8 on each side, on the main deck.

This provides an even better view of the ladders taken from above. It can be imagined how small these features are in reality when one realises it is a 1:150 scale. It is a particularly delicate operation getting them accurately made and fitted.

The "Victory" now completed and waiting for mounting on base plate and perspex cover. She was finally fully rigged yesterday, 28th March 2014, after being 11 months in the making. A few more photographs from different angles follow.

Another overall view of the completed model.

A view from aft.